Víctor Arce

Hello, my name is Víctor, a 26 years old creative from Barcelona. How are you?
I make beautiful PNGs, craft pixels and design glitches.

I am currently working as a freelance designer and searching for new opportunities.

I am open to colaboration and work. If you need any sort of artwork, please contact me.

Scroll down to learn more about me:

More about me:

● Not very tall ●
Vegetarian ●
Decent dancer ●
Trying to quit sugar ●

Some of my dreams:

● Befriend 15 dogs ●
● Find a lost pet ●
● Punch an oil painting ●
● Attack a building with a sword ●
● Win 3 fights ●


Things that I like:

  • Animals
  • Coffee
  • Creating boardgames
  • Playing sports at midnight
  • Fix computers

Things that I dislike:

  • Rumba music
  • WhatsApp
  • Patriarchy
  • Being sick
  • Vaporwave

Things I need:

  • More fanzines
  • A job
  • Learn JavaScript
  • 50 more followers on Instagram
  • A new backpack