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Ready to make your next release shine?

Hello! I’m Víctor. I would love to create beautiful album art for your musical project!

I’ve been making artwork for musicians since 2006, specially for chiptune artists. I’ve worked actively with 8bit netlabels such as Cheapbeats, Lowtoy, The Waveform Generators, Pxl-Bot, among others.

I’ve worked with amazing artists such as Mr Spastic, Roboctopus, Saitone, Holy Konni, Auxcide, Balloonbear, 2G1B and many, many others.

If you are into glitch-art, pixel-art or anything related, let’s work together! I can provide front, back, packaging, posters, logo design, anything you need, for digital and physical releases!

Scroll down to check my work. Looking for more eye-catching art? I also specialize in artwork for electronica acts. Click here!

Let’s do this!

Thanks for taking your time to check out my chiptune artwork portfolio! If you want to step your game up and invest in your music and your art, just send me an e-mail, i’ll get to work asap! I’m famous for my prices and for my quickness.

You can write me a mail here:

Say hello, what kind of work you need (digital cover, full packaging, etc.) what you have in mind, some artwork for reference and you are ready to shine!


Glitch art 100% made out of pixels, created using several methods (NES ROM Hacking, Sprite Editing, Databending, Processing, etc.)

I can create pixel perfect glitch art or abstract noise. All sizes, all colors. Impact your audience with something crazy and all messed-up!


Hand-crafted pixel-art, made the traditional way! Made with MS-Paint and Photoshop.

Limited and tasteful color palettes or full color, up to you!

Made with love and patience, for the best result. Resizable and sexy, square up!


I can mix pretty much everything (digitally speaking)

I can glitch photos, glitch pixel-art, add pixel-art to a photo, add a photo to a pixel-art design, make a portrait of your worst enemy made of Minecraft blocks, whatever you can imagine! I’m a creative after all.

I have special interest in mixing pixel glitches with photos. I can also take pictures with my Game Boy Camera. Just speak it out!

Mixed Up

Still not sure? I can do something else.

I’m currently working on my artwork portfolio, creating all kind of designs.

I’ve also made artwork for all kind of albums, Vaporwave, Folk, Electronica, Metal, you name it.  You can check my full portfolio in this very website. I can also draw anything you like, we can even make a small comic for your front cover. Just contact me!

Something Else