Hey! Thanks a lot for buying my products. Your support means the world to me. Here are some facts about my shop:

  • I’ll send the products every MONDAY!
  • You can choose between Regular or Registered shipping (Normal / Certificado). I don’t really know the difference but i’ll guess we’ll learn together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I run this shop by myself, so please be patient! I am a very busy kid
  • I’m not responsible for the Postal Service misbehaviours like:

–  Package takes more time to arrive or it gets lost during the shipping! Omg Postal Service, you are nuts!

–  Package takes damage while shipping! Remember: Postal Service is evil, they don’t care about art!

  • If you write the address wrong and i send the package there…. i mean it’s not my fault i’m very sorry!
  • If you don’t like the product or the product does not fit you well (like T-Shirts, etc) let’s say you can send the product back! But you’ll have to pay for the shipping costs! I’m very sorry OK i’m just a dumb artist trying to get paid! Also refunds are possible but i’m not refunding Paypal’s fee costs, go cry to MARK ZUCKERBERG!

I think that covers all… for now… Any doubts please write me here or if you want a more fast response you can DM on Instagram!